Coalition for open, fair, and accountable public spending in the EU

We aim to stop procurement funds siphoning off and we have a plan that will help.

The New Vision

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“I like finding patterns in the data.”

Elena Calistru

“This is about a huge percentage of public budgets”

Sandor Lederer

“Right of access to information is one of the instruments to defend democracy”

Helen Darbishire

“It’s all about the taxpayers’ money”

Kryzsztof Izdebski

We are the only European collaboration of non-government organizations and professionals working to ensure that public procurement is spent fairly, efficiently, and creates the best value for money for the Europeans.

We advocate for access to procurement information and stakeholder participation in public procurement to achieve that. We are a growing movement of vibrant organizations working in countries and in Brussels to advance the principles of open contracting within the EU.

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Openness in procurement can improve procurement in multiple ways, including more integrity, efficiency, level playing field, and else. Click to see compelling evidence it works.

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